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When you think about it, the weight you cary today, is a result of choices you made in the past. Basically, you are what you think and we are thinking all the time. What we see in ourselves today is a residual of how we thought, how we felt, and what we have learned. We are all walking billboards of thoughts, feelings, and choices.
We live in the Land of Plenty, and we are a culture that wants to have. The very thought of not having is something that we avoid. This includes not being able to eat the things we want. This is one of the reasons diets fail. When we think we cannot have something, it makes us want it more It takes more than will-power to achieve reduction in our culture. The process of turning mindless eating into mindful eating requires introspection and awareness. Remember, awareness is the first step to change.
One of my favorite quotes is by David Steele who once said: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." One of the ways to see what you are doing is to WRITE it down. Journaling is a process that can be fun and well worth the time. I authored the book, Journal With Ease! The Mindful Approach to Weight Management!  This is a journal guide to help you with the process of journaling your weight management journey.This process is not only easy and fun, but necessary for you to clearly understand the results of your strategies.
We eat because we are hungry physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Most often it is less to do about food and more to do with our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves and within ourselves. 
Self-love and self-talk with positive affirmations are key ingredients to successful outcomes. When you love yourself in a healthy way, you will ultimately make better decisions for yourself. These decisions include your choices on how you will nourish your body. What you say to yourself and others are the instructions your body listens to and follows, which ultimately directs your destiny. Learning new ways to say what you mean will ultimately lead to new ways your body will respond. ex: Say, "I am in the process of achieving my weight goals".  Your body hears you say that and responds to the instruction.
You hold the key to the lock. You hold the instruction to the design. You owe it to your health to learn your obstacles and formulate your plan. Let me be your guide. 
My books: NO GAIN! NO PAIN! A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss Management and JOURNAL WITH EASE! The Mindful Approach to Weight Management. Both are available on Kindle, ebooks or paperback. 

Vibration: A New Paradigm of Nutrition

Perhaps the most important way to understand and to commune with Mother Nature is to develop a nurturing relationship with her. Without the nutrients she supplies us, we could not survive. In a basic way, what we eat and how we care for ourselves affects how we relate to the ecology issues of the planet. Ecology reform starts with ourselves. How can we possibly come into a meaningful harmony with the rest of nature if we pollute ourselves?
Our spiritual development is also linked to the quality of our nutrition.  As you may have noticed, we are experiencing a rising spiral of planetary consciousness that is bringing about an ever-increasing amount of spiritual awareness among the people of the world. In this process of awakening, if the body is not able to raise its vibration rate to keep up with the rest of the spiritualization process it is possible to slip into a state of imbalance.
All levels of energy available to us can be thought of as nutrients. Sunlight is a major nutrient, as well as radiation from other stars. The moon gives lunar energies. We get energy from oxygen, and the tastiest condensation of energy……our material food from the vegetable kingdom. The aspect of this “new” nutritional paradigm that food is not only material, but also vibration energy, is fully acknowledged in the Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian Ayurvedic systems of health.
All living members of the vegetable kingdom have subtle organizing energy fields. The food we eat is a specific way that these energy fields from nature are transferred to us humans to build the energy of our subtle organizing energy fields. Food with more structured subtle organized energy transfers more of this energy into our own energy fields and consequently enhances our form and function. Whenever food is cooked or processed in any way, it loses the strength of its energy. Fresh, raw, live or unprocessed food, most enhances our energy field and therefore, is the healthiest for us.
A study performed in Russia by Professor I. Beckman proved that live, unprocessed foods have significantly more Units of Action than the same foods which had their structural integrity compromised by cooking or other forms of processing. Animals could work longer when fed the “highly structured” foods. Cooked foods have less structure because the application of heat disrupts the physical structure and also the subtle organized energy frequencies. This means that foods that raise the vibration of the body, such as raw, fresh, organic vegetables, can give the body more endurance and feelings of well-being than foods that have had their structure depleted by the process of heat or other means of processing.
To raise the body vibration, one must choose to eat natural foods, whole foods, living foods, and organic foods. Also, one must obtain adequate sunlight and practice deep breathing exercises. The food of love, however, is the most powerful nutrient we can eat.
Reference:  Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, MD.

Weight Reduction and the Moon
The popular belief that the moon has some influence on human beings has prevailed for thousands of years. Lunar effects have been the object of scientific testing on consistent relationships between the external environment and several behavioral and biological measures.
Employees of many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the possibility of the moon’s influence during busier shifts or during unusual challenges. Just the very expression, “It must be full moon!” is a milestone in the West when you consider a culture that is only at the dawn of understanding external influences on the body, mind, and spirit. 
This celestial body we call the moon is the earth’s natural satellite.  The four primary phases are: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.  The waxing moon refers to the time from new moon to full moon. The waning moon is after the full moon to new moon.
Theories on how the moon can affect us tap into studies on a variety of arenas, such as, lunacy, biological tides, biorhythms, geomagnetic fields, nutrition, weather, emotions, reproduction, light neurochemicals, and hormonal influences, to name a few. As we know, everything in the universe is in motion. In this external pulse, we are affected by the constant rhythms of the moon’s journey around the earth.
Just as the tides of the ocean draw in and out from shore, the body fluids function similarly within our physical shells. As the moon phases, body fluid levels tend to drop and rise. During the new moon, our fluids are at their lowest point. At full moon, body fluids are at their highest level.
 One interesting study published in the Journal of Psychiatry in 1972, states that the human organism is a microcosm comprising essentially the same elements in roughly the same proportion as those on the earth’s surface; approximately 80 % water and 20 % organic and inorganic materials.  Therefore, the gravitational force exerted by the moon has a similar influence on the water mass of the human organism.
 If we are affected psychologically and physically by lunar cycles, can weight be affected by moon phases?
I have been studying the affects of the moon on weight gain and weight reduction for years and have confirmed in my own study that weight gain is more apt to occur on the way to full moon; the waxing moon. Weight reduction on the other hand, is easier, beginning the day after the full moon and continuing to new moon. The waning moon allows the body to “let go”; whereas, during the waxing moon the body tends to “hang on”. In her personal recognition to this theory, she looks to the phases of the moon to decide when to begin a Fast. Waning moon brings better will-power and less appetite. She recognizes those moments of insatiable appetite as being related to the waxing moon.
There is enough evidence to substantiate the perception that the full moon has an effect on us. There is something that happens to us repeatedly that allows us to recognize a correlation to the moon. The statement “It must be full moon!” gives us reason to look at our daily lives more holistically and to evaluate the influences of our environment.

Life Before Death

Life before death is as vague as life after death, as the idea requires you to define life and death by your perspective terms. If there is life after death, then we are on a continuum of life. And if we are on a continuum of life, then how is one to live that life so that it may be a life of quality?
No one has an expiration date stamped on their forehead. No one knows when they will step into the next realm of energy existence. With that in mind, you must ponder how you want to live and how you want to value the life you have and the lives of those around you.
All humans require food for life. You cannot exist without food. It is a requirement for existence in the physical world as we know it.  What we eat, however, becomes a choice.  We are fortunate to live in a nation of choices.  The ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence of mankind, living in a free society, has given us choices beyond imagination.  The artistic expression of food created by chefs in the kitchen, brings beauty and flavor to wet the appetite and increase the desire to try different foods.  The melting pot of culture allows even more variety of choices to our palate. Our economy depends on the production and consumption of food. 
We are learning that, not only does food sustain life, it can define life. We have learned that too much of anything can put us out of balance. Example; too much sugar can lead to diabetes and unwanted weight gain. Too many high energy foods can cause unnecessary weight gain in a person with a sedentary life-style.  We have learned that with all these choices, we become mindful on what is required to find balance. You have a basic design. You are a miracle.  The more you learn about food value; better choices will be made. The more you learn about you, the more you will understand how important it is to choose food for life.
The very fact that we can choose, is an incredible concept.  Along with this freedom comes responsibility.  Not only can you choose, but you must be responsible for your choices.  An important tool in this process is education.  Education gives you the knowing that you need to make wise choices. You know yourself better than anyone.
What you eat, is for you; not for anyone else.  Read the labels. Read books about nutrition. Learn about everything you put in your body.   The more you learn, the more you will understand. What you eat becomes part of you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Are you choosing food for life? Food that heals you and gives you the strength you need to get through your day?
Your body is your vehicle in this world. Take care of it. Maintain it. Give itthe attention, care and consideration it deserves. Treat it like a Temple. Would you put anything harmful in it?  Be mindful. We need food to survive in the physical world.  But choose food for life. Learn the difference between organic and non-organic.  Learn how storing food affects food value.  Learn how different cooking methods affect the way foods release their nutritional value.  Be conscious of how you feel when you eat.  If food is life, then what you choose will affect your life. If you value your life, then you will choose food with value. Change the message from value for your money to value for your life.  Because if there is an after life, then how we manage our current life is more critical than we ever imagined.

Weight Reduction with Hypnosis: Using Your Mind for a Change!
How would you feel if you knew you could wake up tomorrow, feeling in control around food? It isn’t always about what we eat, but rather what we are thinking when we eat. Hypnosis can change the way you think about food, stop the struggle, and help you love exercise! It is not magic…..but it feels like it!  Let me help with some misconceptions you may have about the hypnosis experience. First of all, you are not asleep. You can hear everything that is being said. You are in full control, and it is an incredibly relaxing experience. No one can be hypnotized against their will. The best part is that you can learn self-hypnosis and have all the tools
you need to accomplish your dreams and goals. As you reduce weight with hypnosis, you will notice how natural and effortless it is to release the issues and release the weight. Hypnosis and relaxation will inspire you to discover just how good you can feel about yourself and your goals…now and for the rest of your life. There have been formal research studies done on hypnosis and weight reduction:
In one study, 109 people, ages 17-67, completed a behavioral treatment for weight management either with or without the addition of hypnosis. Results show that, at the end of the 9-week program, both interventions resulted in significant weight reduction. However, at 8 –month and 2 year follow-ups, the hypnosis subjects showed significant additional weight reduction, while those in the behavioral-treatment-only group exhibited little further change. More subjects who used hypnosis also achieved and maintained their personal weight goals. (Journal of Psychology, 41 (1), 35-41)Another study reflected that the mean weight reduction was 6 pounds without hypnosis, and 11.83 pounds with hypnosis. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64 (3), 517-519.)
Knowing that you can learn self-hypnosis and have the tools you need to practice on your time, in your home, at your convenience, with your schedule is just the thing you may be looking for.  No need to sit in rush hour traffic, or get caught in a rain storm. Just find some quiet time at home or practice as you fall asleep at night. Take control of your weight without delay.


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